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Welcome to CareerLandings

The Control Panel lets you customize a website with just a few mouse clicks.

In today's difficult job market, you need an edge to stand out from the crowd and land the job. That's where Career Landings can help.

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Career Landings' online Control Panel lets you quickly build and customize a personal website for each potential employer. But unlike every other "personal website" solution, only Career Landings lets you greet each employer with an online cover note and a version of your resume that you've customized just for their job opening, and the CareerLandings Control Panel lets you do this for FREE!

Don't know how to create webpages? Don't worry, using the CareerLandings Control Panel, it's just like word processing. You can even paste in content and formatting from other materials, like Microsoft Word documents. Using Career Landings takes only slightly more time than preparing and sending a regular email with attachments, but the impact it generates with a potential employer can be magnitudes greater.

Best of all... Career Landings finally helps take some of the guesswork out of when to follow up, and whether you're being considered for the job, because you can immediately know when your email is opened, and whether and when your resume is reviewed!  [Take a tour now]

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